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  • Why Losing Weight is Complicated and How Can A Weight Loss Coach Help?
  • Weight Loss Coach and Our Healthcare Systems
  • Real Doctors and Dieticians - Your Personalized Online Weight Loss Coaches to Help You Lose Weight theRight Way

Why Losing Weight is Complicated and How Can A Weight Loss Coach Help?

What brought you here today? Was it a suggestion by a friend, a social media eye-catcher, a New Year’s Resolution that is starting with internet searches? For whatever reason you landed on Mochi Health, we are happy you are here. Let’s get right to it and explore ways through which an online weight loss coach can help you! 

As so many people know all too well, losing weight is complicated. For some, it’s easy to remember when the pounds started to add up. Maybe it began in childhood with no obvious reason why an otherwise active and healthy child seemed to be a bit heavier than their counterparts. Maybe it was in the teenage years when the pressures of adolescence morphed into an unhealthy relationship with food.

Perhaps it was after a significant trauma like losing a loved one or experiencing a major personal loss that rocked the foundation by which you stood on. Sometimes though, there seems to be no clear trigger for why the extra weight has come on; and despite a diet and exercise regimen that mirrors that of your thinner sibling or friend, your pesky genetics and metabolism don’t seem to serve your health in the way that they should. If you can relate to any of the reasons above, you are not alone. 

Carrying extra weight is a major source of frustration for a large percent of the population and leads to mountains of body image and health issues that are plaguing our society and preventing people from feeling their best. At Mochi Health, we stand with you in solidarity about the struggles of achieving and maintaining a weight that sets us up for optimal health. We want to help you pave a path to success. Keep reading for more on how Mochi Health can walk with you on this journey. 

Weight Loss Coach and Our Healthcare Systems

Before diving deeper into what we offer, we want to acknowledge that your weight should not be viewed as “all your fault”, and that the modern healthcare system should share some of the blame for why so many patients are struggling in this realm. 

Chances are, you have seen a doctor in the past and your weight has been brought up. For many, it starts during the check-in process when you’re asked to step on the scale and have your vitals checked by the Medical Assistant or Nurse. Reluctantly, you kick off your shoes and get on the scale, watching nervously as the weights are toggled or the lines on the digital scale measure and define your body as a number. What you see feels like a dagger in your self-worth, but you try to shake it off and proceed to the next step in the visit. Then, the doctor comes in and makes a comment about your BMI and how it is beyond the ideal range. They begin a lecture on diet and exercise and the health risks of being overweight. It is assumed, based on your “numbers” that you have been doing everything wrong and that your weight is a mere failure on your part, a lack of self-control, a laziness syndrome. 

You sigh out of frustration, maybe you were geared up to start the conversation about weight loss, but your confidence was easily squashed by the constant assumption that you didn’t know or weren’t already doing some of the doctor’s suggestions with limited or no success. What you really wanted was a deeper dive into what may work for you, but you are confronted with a healthcare system that has a history of blaming weight as a moral failing on the patient. These situations make you want to throw your hands in the air out of defeat and can leave you wondering if this is just your destiny. We are here to show you that it doesn’t have to be! Let us introduce you to our small corner of the healthcare system that recognizes where our counterparts have let patients down and let us show you how we are geared up to start helping people like you! We promise, we will hear your story and really listen to what has worked, what hasn’t, and how our unique tools can get your weight loss jump-started even without an online weight loss coach. 

Real Doctors and Dieticians - Your Personalized Online Weight Loss Coaches to Help You Lose Weight the Right Way

Who are we and what do we do? We are medical doctors board-certified in Obesity Medicine and licensed Registered Dietician Nutritionists who are here to offer evidence-based weight loss strategies to you, including prescription medications, cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia, and much more! The weight loss coach works with you over live video visits to build a customizable treatment that accommodates your unique weight loss needs. We understand that weight is incredibly multifactorial and influenced by genetics, environmental factors, mental health, concomitant medical conditions, and so much more. 

Unlike most traditional medical practices, we offer a subscription service that affords you the flexibility of monthly virtual check-ins with your doctor and the option to reach out whenever you need them through our asynchronous chat function, all included in the cost of your plan. If prescription medications for medication-assisted weight loss are part of your treatment, we will work with your insurance company to find the best and most affordable option for you. If you do not have health insurance, we will help you explore reasonable options, too! Here at Mochi Health, our doctors listen. No more blaming, no more shaming - just compassion, evidence, effective solutions, and a shared passion for serving one of the most under-served patient populations in the modern day.

Why Choose Mochi Over Other Online Weight Loss Coaching Programs?

So, what makes us better than the typical “weight loss coach programs” you may be seeing online? We are real doctors with years of experience, that includes 4 years of undergraduate studies, 4 years of medical school, plus 3+ years of residency and fellowship training after that to include obesity medicine training. Our dieticians have a bachelor’s degree or above and are the same type that would be employed by hospitals to deliver evidence-based dietary guidance. 

Many online platforms that offer weight loss coaching are run by people who obtain a weight loss coaching certificate online over the course of weeks and they are not required to have a college degree to obtain these certificates. We believe that it is impossible to give comprehensive advice on weight loss coach and trainer options without the ability to read and interpret the evidence behind these methods, which only comes with a certain level of educational background. These programs can be incredibly lucrative for those who offer them, but they are accepting your payment without the ability to offer a full menu of weight loss assistance, including medications to nutritionist counselling, that are offered from a real medical practice and from which many options may even be covered by your health insurance. 

The best part: if you don’t find success with Mochi Health or change your mind, you can cancel for a full refund before your first virtual visit or terminate your subscription at any time, free of charge. Our goal is to not make you feel like “just another patient”, “just another client”, but a valued member of society who deserves personalised care from a team that will be in the trenches with you as you reach your health goals. We can’t wait to meet you!

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