We're Partnering With Aequita Pharmacy: Here's What To Expect

We're joining forces with Aequita Pharmacy to launch a medication program, making safe and effective medications more widely accessible to Mochi Health patients.

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  • Rigorously-tested pharmaceuticals you can trust.
  • Temperature-safe packaging you can take anywhere.
  • Reliable supply of affordable prescriptions at your doorstep.

This partnership unlocks greater transparency in testing, travel-safe packaging, and access to a consistent supply of medications. Here’s what Mochi Health patients can expect:

Rigorously-tested pharmaceuticals you can trust.

We are setting a new standard of transparency and accountability across all the medications we offer. Aequita Pharmacy provides us with special visibility into the most current and thorough testing data on their custom-made formulations, something that’s not typically available in the standard pharmaceutical supply model. They’re also a member of Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCAA), the industry-leading resource organization for compounding pharmacies. As a result, Mochi Health will be able to uphold the highest standard of quality on everything we prescribe and deliver to our patients.

Temperature-safe packaging you can take anywhere.

We’re dedicated to enhancing the patient experience from start to finish. That means delivering medications in the best way possible, and now our exclusivity has given us full control of the packaging and shipping process. In collaboration with Aequita Pharmacy, our team has worked tirelessly to design and test custom packaging that addresses the key needs of our patients. Patients can expect a seamless unboxing experience that includes a temperature-safe canister approved for TSA and QR-code access to a dosage administration guide.

Reliable supply of affordable prescriptions at your doorstep.

Accessibility and affordability are at the heart of everything we do at Mochi Health. Now that Aequita Pharmacy’s supply of products is exclusive to our subscribers, it will be easier than ever to keep medication availability high and prices low. We’ll also have direct oversight into the fulfillment process, from when your provider submits your prescription to when it’s delivered to your door. We’ll be able to provide more accurate estimates on the processing so that patients know when to expect their first dose and refills thereafter.

Together, we can do more for our patients.

Mochi Health and Aequita Pharmacy look forward to collaborating on this impactful effort toward greater accessibility and transparency in obesity medicine.

While Mochi Health's services are available nationwide, this program is currently available in select states.

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