New Oral Form of Mounjaro: Mazdutide

Mazdutide is a new oral form of GLP-1 and Glucagon Receptor dual agonist (similar to Mounjaro) that is currently undergoing clinical trials for the use in type 2 diabetes and obesity and the results appear promising.

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What is Mazdutide?

For those currently taking Mounjaro for diabetes or weight loss and who are tired of the weekly injections, we have news for you! A new medication that is in the same class as Mounjaro is being introduced for the management of diabetes and obesity, and it is an oral medication! 

Mazdutide is a GLP-1 and Glucagon Receptor dual agonist that is currently being developed for the management of diabetes and obesity. It has a similar mechanism of action as Mounjaro and can potentially be an option for patients who do not wish to be on injectables or for those who wish to transition to oral medication. This could propose a more convenient avenue for managing these conditions. 

Oral vs. Injections

You may be wondering what's the difference between a drug being oral or injectable. Oral medications are taken by mouth and absorbed through the digestive system, while injectable medications are delivered directly into the bloodstream via injection. Though they may take longer to become effective, oral medications are often much more convenient for patients to tolerate. Injectable medications can be more effective and fast-acting but require more specialized administration and may be less convenient. 

Ultimately, your provider will place you on a regimen that will lead to a significant therapeutic effect, whether it is oral or injectable. However, the ability to have options allows for a larger range of treatment plans that better fit a patient’s preferences. 

What Do We Know So Far?

A phase 1 randomized control trial published at the end of 2022 showed that Mazdutide dosed  at 9 - 10 mg for managing obesity was well tolerated and showed a favorable side effect profile that was safe for patient use (1). The study was conducted in five hospitals in China. A total of 24 participants were enrolled, and after a 12-week period, the treatment arm showed a mean 11-14% reduction in body weight from baseline. This was significantly different from the 1.8% change in body weight in the placebo group.

It is important to know that the purpose of the phase 1 clinical trial is to examine side effects in a small group to determine if it is safe. Once it is deemed safe, it can then move onto larger trials that aim to see what effect it will have on obesity and compare it to other commonly used medications on the market. This initial phase 1 trial tells us that this medication appears safe and well tolerated by the participants. Along with this, the initial results show promising data that we should see a benefit in obese and overweight populations. 

Currently, patients are being enrolled in Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials to examine the effects of Mazdutide on obesity and type 2 diabetes. 


If Mazdutide proves to be safe and effective in clinical trials, it could have a significant impact on the treatment of diabetes and obesity. The availability of an oral form of Mounjaro would make this promising drug more accessible to patients, potentially improving treatment outcomes and quality of life. It's important to note, however, that, like any medication, mazdutide may have potential side effects. In phase 1 clinical trials, mazdutide has been well tolerated, but more research is needed to fully understand its safety profile in humans.

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